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CASIO FX-991EX - C63

Scientific Calculator for Education with Menu Driven InterfaceMrp 1,495  1,420(5% off)Inclusive of all taxes
C63C63C63C63C63 | 25 reviews
High-resolution LCD
Natural Textbook Display
QR code Generation
Intuitive icon display
Unabbreviated English display
Interactive format
Easy-to-understand key notation
High-speed calculation
Visualization with graphs
552 functions
Comes with new slide-on hardcase
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Display TypeNatural Textbook display - Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.
Power SupplyBoth Solar and Battery powered. Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.
Plastic KeyDesigned and engineered for easy operation.
Qr CodeGenerate QR codes of equations input into the calculator by a simple operation. Graphs and other graphics can be displayed on smartphone or tablet screens.
Number Of Functions552 Functions
Basic Function• QR Code generation
• 4x4 matrix calculation
• Spreadsheet
• High-resolution LCD
• Natural Textbook Display
• Intuitive icon display
• Unabbreviated English display
• Interactive format
• Easy-to-understand key notation
• Equation and Inequality calculations
• Advanced Statistical Distribution calculations
• Ratio calculations
• Scientific constants
• Vector Calculation
• Exponent functions, Logarithmic functions
• Power functions (square root, cubic root, square, power, radical root)
• Coordinate conversion (Pol, Rec)
• Combination/Permutation (nCr, nPr)
• Factorial, Inverse, Random numbers, Random sampling of an existing list, Fractions
• Logical operations
• Hexadecimal/ Binary/ Octal ↔ Decimal conversion
• Matrix calculations
• Hyperbolic functions, Inverse hyperbolic functions
• Complex number calculations
• Base-n calculations/conversions
• List data calculations
• Rounding
• Angle unit, Angle unit conversion (Deg, Rad, Gra)
• Trigonometric functions, Inverse trigonometric functions
Hardware• Battery - Solar and Battery
• Plastic keys
• Comes with slide on hard case
Coordinate ConversionDedicated keys to convert polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates and vice versa.
Angle Unit Degree Radian GradianSpecifies degrees, radians, grads as the angle unit for value input and calculation result display.
Minute Degree SecondsAids in sexagesimal calculations with respect to decimal conversion.
Warranty Years3 years
Dimension11.1(H) x 77(W) x 165.5(D) mm
Country Of OriginThailand
ImporterCasio India Co., Private Limited A-41, First Floor, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044
Weight G90

Key Features

Number of Functions : 552

552 Functions for easy and fast Calculations for all your Mathematical and engineering problems

Menu Driven User Interface

Menu Driven Interface makes it easier for students to find out required function and execute it easily.

High Resolution LCD

Higher resolution increases the amount of information that can be displayed and so makes it easier to view numerical formulas and symbols.

High Speed Calculation

Four Times faster than previous model Casio fx-991ES Plus


Key Features

QR Code

QR Code feature generate graphical  graphical visualization of given equation in your smart device. It also helps you to access calculator user manual anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Polynomial & Matrix

Solve up to 4 degree polynomial, inequalities and simultaneous equation with four variables. Define and calculate up to 4 by 4 matrix

Natural textbook display

Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks

Dual Power

Your calculator works on battery and solar power both, hence it goes on for long without the need of changing battery.


Key Features

Stylish Body

A special surface process applied to the body results in an elegant texture and design. Along with this, the Calculator has some metallic keys for very elegant look.

Japanese Trusted Quality

Casio Scientific Calculator are RoHS compliant, and IS 14001 certified for Eco friendly products.

Made by Recycled Plasitc

The calculator body is made by recycled plastic support green environment.

3-Year Warranty

Casio Scientific Calculator comes with 3-year of warranty (given by manufacture).

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Ajay Kumar Reddy|April 24th 2017 C63C63C63C63C63

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