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Casio Classwiz FX-991EX Scientific Calculator | Watch Video |

SKU: C63 Available

Our Price 1,088 MRP : 1,145 5% OFF


EMI Details

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COD available for selected Pincodes

Key Features

  • High-resolution LCD
  • Solar+Battery
  • Natural Textbook Display
  • QR code Generation
  • Intuitive icon display
  • Unabbreviated English display
  • Interactive format
  • Easy-to-understand key notation
  • High-speed calculation
  • Visualization with graphs
  • 552 functions
  • Comes with new slide-on hardcase
Offer Free Shipping on order above Rs. 499


Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator – CASIO fx-991EX CLASSWIZ

In examination, time is the most important resource, and therefore your calculator must compute expression quickly. The latest Scientific Calculator from Casio, fx-991EX Classwiz is 4 times faster than previous model fx-991ES Plus and having 4 times better resolution for easier viewing. ClassWiz has intuitive user interface and high-performance functions, so ideal for education. It is most recommended by teachers across the world for students community from school to college and university level.

Recommended for:

  • Engineering Students
  • Polytechnic Students
  • UG & PG Students
  • A Level Students
  • IGCSE Students
  • Management Students
  • School students of some state board
  1. High Resolution LCD

    Easy to read long expression

  2. Attractive Body

    A special surface process applied to the body results in an elegant texture and design.

  3. Metallic keys

    The stylish look and feel of metal imparts a sense of luxury.

  4. QR Code

    Unique Feature for Visualization and User Manual

  5. Easy-to-understand key notation

    The key notation, like the display format, uses signs and symbols like those found in mathematics textbooks. This natural interface makes input fast and easy.


Unique Feature

Menu Driven User Interface

Menu Driven Interface makes it easier for students to
find out required function and execute it easily.


QR Code

Now create QR Code on your Calculator for any function or expression and visualize it graphically through CASIO EDU+ APP on smart device.

The CASIO EDU+ app allows you to access additional functions not available on Calculator from a smartphone, by scanning the relevant QR Code from ClassWiz. QR Code helps you to do following:

1. Online Visualization

You solve a quadratic Equation, and then wants to see its zero on Cartesian coordinate. Just create a QR code and scan it through Casio Edu+ on your smart device, and you can see the graph. This is valid for other polynomial, Simultaneous equation, statistics and many more.

2. Online Manual

Wanted to solve statistical problem, and don’t know how to do. No worries: Start your calculator and select Statistics app – Create a QR code and scan it through your smart phone –and you see the step by step process to use this and carry our statistical problems.



Defined two function, and created table value of those. To see it graphically, create the QR Code and Scan through your smart device, and see the graph.

Any time access to User Manual

To learn how to use Statistical menu, create QR code while selecting this,
and on scanning through your smart device, see the step by step guidelines.


Some Technical Feature

  • Menu Icons
  • Textbook Display
  • 6-line Display
  • Up to 4 degree Polynomial
  • Equation Solver
  • Table Function
  • up tp 4 degree Inequality
  • Advance Distribution
  • Advance Regression
  • up to 4 by 4 matrix
  • Complex Calculation
  • Scientific Constant


A New Classroom Standard Created from High-resolution LCD Technology

Featuring the latest Casio classwiz Non programmable scientific calculator fx 991 ex plus which feature high resolution display for more data on display, Online QR code visualization to help you do more via Graphical representation, numerical representation or taking help to do more. Metallic finish keys with colorful coding for better functionality as well a faster processor and twice the memory size makes sure of speedy calculations. Casio classwiz fx 991 ex non programmable scientific calculator is made for you. Become your Classwiz !


Introduces high-performance functions effective for advanced mathematics

High-resolution LCD

The new ClassWiz features a high-resolution display
- making it easier to view numerical formulas and symbols.

  • New Icon display
  • Innovative input method
  • List display

The new ClassWiz makes it possible to display on the screen twice the number of characters in normal size and six times the number in small size compared with previous models.

High-resolution LCD drives further evolution!

Higher resolution increases the amount of information that can be displayed and improves usability. In addition, ClassWiz is equipped with a basic spreadsheet function for creating spreadsheets with up to 5 columns and 45 rows (maximum of 170 data items).

ClassWiz technology has the power to change mathematics classroom


Superb usability that takes full advantage of the improved display capabilities makes the interface easy to use in classrooms

  • Intuitive icon display

The use of icons on the menu screen improves viewability.
Selection of the desired function is quick and easy.

  • Unabbreviated English display

Nearly all English words are displayed on the screen in unabbreviated form.

  • Interactive format

Interactive menu display realizes more intuitive operation.

  • Natural Textbook Display

Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.

Newly designed body for the best use of calculation

Featuring intelligent design and an elegant texture

Comes with slide-on hard case
Special surface processing

A special surface process applied to the body results in an elegant texture and design.

  • Metallic keys

The stylish look and feel of metal imparts a sense of luxury.

  • Key functions arranged by color

The functions assigned to keys are color-coded to facilitate key operation.

  • Easy-to-understand key notation

The key notation, like the display format, uses signs and symbols like those found in mathematics textbooks. This natural interface makes input fast and easy.

  • Thin rounded body

The thin, smoothly rounded body fits the hand perfectly.


A High-performance processor and twice the memory of previous models
ensure speedy operation and superior computational power.

High performance effective for education

  • High-resolution display

192 × 63-dot display.
Clear display of equations and messages

  • High-speed calculation

Fast calculation for smooth performance in class or during examinations

  • Data capacity for Statistics

Capacity to process 160 statistical data items

  • High-performance functions

• Use of spreadsheets
• 4 × 4 matrix calculation

List display function for thorough, speedy learning

Variables and statistical calculation results stored in memory can be displayed in lists. There's no need to recall and confirm individual values as with previous models.

High computational competence for performing even advanced mathematics

ClassWiz contains calculation functions that support even advanced mathematical operations, including spreadsheet calculations, 4 X 4 matrix calculations, calculation of simultaneous equations with four unknowns and quartic equations, and advanced statistical distribution calculations.

Effective learning for
Advanced Mathematics

Even advanced mathematical calculations are simple to perform and
functions that take advantage of previous unavailable display capabilities
are now possible

  • Spreadsheet calculations


The spreadsheet function can be used for studying statistics which has become important in mathematics classes


In addition, the spreadsheet function makes it possible to enter recursive formulas

Riemann Integral

Calculation using advanced Riemann functions is also possible

The spreadsheet function makes it easy to use real-world data even in the classroom, enabling students to effectively study statistical processing

  • ?Advanced statistical distribution calculations

This function makes it possible to perform several different types of distribution calculations such as binomial probability.

Binomial probability

  • Matrix calculations

This function makes it possible to perform matrix calculations of up to 4 rows by 4 columns.

4x4 Matrix calculation

  • Other newly realized calculations

ClassWiz supports other advanced mathematical operations including

· Simultaneous linear equations in 2 to 4 unknowns

· High-degree equations of second to fourth degree

· Second-degree to fourth-degree inequalities

Online Visualization
Service Using QR Code

The input formula and data are converted into a QR Code matching the settings on the calculator, then displayed on the calculator screen.
Display numerical formulas and graphs and use them in study by reading QR Codes with an application on a smartphone, tablet, or other similar device.

Convert the numerical formula into a QR Code!

  • Visualization with graphs
    • Input formula
    • Table
    • QR Code
    • Display Graph
  • Easy formula input
    • Input formula
    • Calculation Result
    • QR Code
    • Display formula

Promotes fast, efficient report writing

  • Quick user manual call-up
    • Display the menu
    • QR Code
    • Display the manual

Makes learning to operate the calculator fast and easy

  • Spreadsheet calculations

Useful for learning statistics. Up to 5 columns × 45 rows (maximum of 170 data items)

  • Matrix calculations

Perform calculations with matrices of up to 4 rows and 4 columns.

  • Vector calculations

Perform calculations using up to four third-order vectors stored in memory.

  • Multiline display

Formulas are automatically wrapped to multiple lines.* *In linear input mode

  • Integration calculations

Perform integration calculations in advanced mathematics.

  • Differential calculations

Perform differential calculations in advanced mathematics.

  • Equation calculations

Calculation of simultaneous equations in 2 to 4 unknowns and high-degree equations of second to fourth degree


  • Inequality calculations

Solve second-degree to fourth-degree inequalities.


  • Advanced statistical distribution calculations

Perform calculations involving normal distributions, binomial distributions, and Poisson distributions.

  • Ratio calculations

Perform ratio calculations such as A:B=X:D.

  • Metric conversions

Select units from the Metric Conversion Command List.

  • Scientific constants

Select scientific constants from the Scientific Constant Table.

  • Variables list

One-touch list display

  • Statistics list

Displays six rows at once.

  • Digit separator

Separation every three digits makes even large numbers easy to read.

  • Engineering symbols

Perform engineering calculations that include symbols such as k, M, m, and n.

Main functions

  • Variables list
  • Prime factorization
  • Random integers
  • Coordinate transformation
  • Power calculation
  • Trigonometry
  • Fraction calculations
  • Combination and permutation
  • 9 variables
  • Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, Standard deviation, regression analysis, Statistics list)
  • Table function
  • UNDO
  • Digit separator
  • Multiline display

Additional functions

  • Spreadsheet calculations
  • Integration calculations
  • Differential calculations
  • CALC function
  • SOLVE function
  • Complex number calculations
  • Base-n calculation
  • Equation calculations
  • Matrix calculations
  • Vector calculations
  • Scientific constants
  • Metric conversions
  • Advanced statistical distribution calculations
  • Inequality calculations
  • Ratio calculations
  • QR Code
  • Engineering symbol calculations

General specifications

  • 552 functions
  • Display: Natural Textbook Display“ Natural V.P.A.M.
  • High-Resolution LC-Display, 63 x192 dots, 16/10 + 2 digits
  • Energy supply: Solar + Battery (1xLR44)
  • Comes with new slide-on hardcase
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.1 x 77 x 165.5 mm
  • Weight: 90g

Total weight: 62 g

Country of Origin: China

Importer Address: Casio India Co., Private Limited A-41, First Floor, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044

Product Suggestions

Product Reviews


Review by Ajay Kumar Reddy on 24th April, 2017

Excellent packaging and fast delivery,awesome product.

Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo


Review by SAGAR INDALKAR on 12th September, 2017

Great Calculator! Easy operation. Speacial Features: 1.Can Solve even 4*4 matrix, 2.Spreadsheet for finding mean, Sum of upto 45 numbers. 3. Undo key 4. Engg mode automatically converts 10^-3 etc into mili and u(micro) , nano Symbols directly. 5. Find inequality 6. Twice the speed of 991ES Plus. 7. Good Looks. Cons:1. Display visibility is not proper in low lighting conditions. 2. White color on both side so easily gets Dirty while general use. Cons can be neglected. Just buy instead of 991ES plus. Definitely a Better Calculator for Engineering Students.Expand

Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo


Review by Atsung Sor on 29th September, 2017

genuine product, quick delivery (2 days), good and robust packaging. satisfiedExpand

Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

Best calci in world

Review by Karandeep Singh Kamboj on 4th May, 2018

Even aliens can't makes that much cost effective better calciExpand

Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

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