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Gone are the days, when music was enjoyed only by music lovers or music enthusiasts. Since the craze for music is increasing with time, the demand for musical instruments is constantly rising. People not only enjoy listening to music but cherish the craze of playing varied musical instruments.

Distinguished musical instruments produce unique types of melodies and beats. Amongst all the musical instruments, the melody produced by the piano remains unparalleled. The piano is one of the most loved instruments because of its melodious appeal. We at Casio, seek extreme delight in providing our family of customers with superior quality pianos that are skillfully crafted to produce a refined and harmonious musical tone. Our digital piano is not only musically appealing but aesthetically pleasing too.

In this digital era, digital pianos are much in vogue and we cherish being a part of this revolution. Keeping up with the latest technology, our electric piano is supplied with striking features like the Bluetooth function acoustic simulator, 88 keys, touch response, 18 built-in tones, string resonance, surround, AiR Sound source, MIDI Recorder for delivering a remarkable user experience.

Things to Consider When Buying A Digital Piano
Sound Quality

When buying a digital Piano, checking its sound quality is of utmost importance. The sound quality of a Piano depends on the external speakers, as the melody you are going to play on your piano is going to be audible via its speakers. Poor quality speakers may disrupt the harmony of the music you want to play. Hence, you must prefer buying a piano with a good quality of speakers and an audibility rate.


Portability also plays a significant role when buying a piano. A cabinet style piano may not be the right choice when it comes to portability. Hence, if you are someone who is obsessed with music or enjoys playing the piano outdoors as well then you can opt for lightweight pianos that you can easily carry to your concerts or outdoor trips.

Keyboard Quality

Another factor that is worth considering while buying a piano is the quality of its keyboard. Check for its built-in quality and the one that is sensitive to the touch of your fingers. Experiment playing sounds on different models of keyboards and consider buying the one that has good touch response, is well built and is composed of 88 keys that are weighted.


Most of you may not be aware of this term called Polyphony. Polyphony refers to the number of keynotes you can play on your keyboard at the same time without the notes being cut-off early. Hence, if you want to be sure that the sound of your keynotes should extend to a few more seconds, be sure that your piano possesses enough Polyphony in it.

MIDI Connectivity

MIDI Connectivity allows you to connect your digital piano to the Digital Audio Workstation enabling you to record yourself while you play your piano. This feature is of utmost importance if you are a gigging music composer and want to experiment with thousands of plugins.


Anyone would prefer buying a piano, which is an attractive package of remarkable features and fits your budget as well. Hence, look for a piano that has maximum features to please your heart, like the built-in quality of the keyboard, speaker sound quality, MIDI Connectivity, weight and no. of keys, portability. We at Casio provide pianos with excellent features at a competitive piano price.

Our Categories

According to Utility

To deliver a customer-friendly experience, and to provide our customers with piano models that can fit into their requirements, we provide five main categories of excellent Digital Pianos:


We appreciate your enthusiasm to learn a new skill, like playing the piano and hence, the piano models under our beginner's range are specially designed to keep that zest of learning new skills alive in you. Our Pianos under this range are furnished with every essential feature like Bluetooth function, Acoustic Simulator, 88 keys, Touch response, hammer response, MIDI Recorder to support fresh learning.

Sleek Pianos

In case you are looking for an easy to carry lightweight piano that is highly portable to use, we offer an amazing collection of Sleek pianos under this range that are aesthetically pleasing.

Home Utility

In case you are looking for a piano that you can use to kill boredom or for entertainment purposes, we do provide such pianos that are specially designed for home utility. We do provide our best selling variants under this range that are equipped with advanced features and technology.

Stage Performance

We understand the pressure you may feel while performing on the stage and to celebrate your every music concert, we offer excellent pianos under this range to cheer you up. Our Pianos under this category are equipped with competitive technology and high-grade specifications that will never disappoint you.

Console Pianos

For our customers with a refined taste in musical instruments, we also offer amazing models of highly-advanced Console Pianos under this range.

According to Functionality
Smart Connected

Our Pianos under this category are smartly built to cater to the requirements of a gigging musician as well as an ordinary piano player, whose sole purpose is entertainment. The Pianos under this range come with Bluetooth feature, Capacitive Touch Panel, 192 max polyphony, pitch bend wheel, touch response, MIDI recorder etc.

Compatible with 3 Pedal Unit

For maximising user convenience, we offer pianos that are compatible with three-pedal units.

Piano with Rhythms

For passionate music lovers, our pianos come with up to 200 rhythms and automatic harmonizing features.

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