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  • Casio Graphical Scientific Calculators

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Casio Graphical Scientific Calculators


  • Suitable for IB exam, AP, SAT, PSAT, NMSQT & ACT
  • Dual graph
  • Advanced statistical calculations
  • Data communication with a computer.
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Graphical Calculator
  • Approved for IBDP, SAT, AP, ACT, NMSQT etc
  • Color Display
  • 3D Graph
  • Picture Plot
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Graphical Calculator
  • Approved for IBDP, SAT, AP, ACT, NMSQT etc
  • Statistics, Distribution & Tests
  • Implicit Graphing
  • Menu Based UI
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Casio's best scientific calculator

Casio is a company that proffers the opportunity to the word to gingerly make the selection of the best items that are manufactured with preciseness and professionalism. Decades have passed since the establishment of the company and it has never seen a downfall until now. People have praised its immaculate collection of calculators and many more products that it makes by keeping in mind the highest latest technologies and recent demands of the customers. The company is known to brilliantly study the market and provide the solutions that make the buyers happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Casio is known to be the manufacturer of best scientific calculator that touches excellence in every way possible. It has all the modern characteristics and can be taken anywhere, easily. Among all the stupefying range that the company makes, portable calculators and scientific calculator Casio online are making a mark in the industry. The company doesn’t make a compromise with a jot or tittle when it comes to excellence and quality. Hence, one can blindly trust it to buy anything that it sells, be it calculator, watches or any kind of musical instrument. 

Under the programmable section of Casio Scientific Calculator, one of the masterpiece product that is produced is Casio fx-991EX Classwiz Scientific Calculator. 

It has exciting qualities and features that make it an out of the box item for people of different professions. Some of those are listed as follows: 

664 functions - This calculator is a selected and specialised model that shall not be mistaken for a standard item. Unlike the standard calculators that are used for simple purposes, the utilisation of this calculator is done to extract the right answer for the complex equations. It has 664 functions, a wondrous amount that is still not beaten by any of the competitor’s product. This product was meant to ease the load of mathematicians and scientists who have a lot to do and a very little time and hence, they are looking for a dependable device that can offer them accurate answers at a blink of an eye. Casio’s scientific calculator is a boon to those and assists their work, extensively.

Plastic keys - Casio is the leading company in the domain because it cares for its customers and presents them with the most outstanding solutions and this calculator is one of those. It comes with plastic keys that are easy to press and hard to break. One can rely on this product when it comes to durability and dependability. It is a strong yet light-weight product that is meant to stay for a long period without disappointing the users. 

Multi-replay- If you are stuck in a situation where you have found the end result, but forgotten the steps that follow, you need not worry. With the use of this device, you can utilise the option of multi-replay, that will take you to the previous steps so that you don’t miss a point. The buyers of this calculator have praised the technical assistance offered by this item and trust the company even more after their satisfactory experience with it. Casio is reckoned to serve the best to the people at a considerable range and this quality wins the hearts of the people. One more amazing characteristic of this item is that it comes with 2398 variables. 

Dot-matrix display - The display of the calculator is an imperative part that shall not be missed. Hence, Casio has made efforts to provide the customers with the best display ever. The dot-matrix display appears like the textbook look and ergo, it is easy to read on it. 
Compact and easy to carry - Have you heard the phrase, “all good things come in small packages”? It fits rightly to the non programmable scientific calculator presented by Casio. It is a tiny item that can be carried anywhere, but it has multiple features that make it better than all other types of calculators. In conclusion, if you are in a profession that needs to make the use of scientific calculators, this product is worth trusting upon. Read more features to know more.

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