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Casio MJ-12GST | GST Calculator |

SKU: CB188 | Model: MJ-12GST Available

Our Price 425


EMI Details

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COD available for selected Pincodes

Key Features

  • 5 Independent GST Keys
  • Total GST / Tax Slab Grand Total
  • Rounding & Decimal Selector
  • Indian Comma Marker
  • Grand Total
  • 150 Steps Check & Correct
  • 12 Digit
  • Solar + Battery
  • Screen Size: 22.82(W) x 82.3(L) mm
Limited Period Offer Enjoy Free Shipping!!


Worlds’ First GST Calculator – Casio MJ-12GST

MJ-120GST is world’s first calculator with 5 dedicated keys for different GST slabs. All the existing 5 GST slab rate of Indian market i.e. 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% are built in the calculator for easy and fast GST Calculation. Separate keys for GST slabs drastically reduce the number of clicks, hence reducing the time required to do your calculation and make your bills. The tax slabs rates are changeable as per industry needs.

Using GST GT key and 5 GST slab keys, slab wise and overall total of Net (Base) Value, Gross Value and GST Component can be computed easily for GST Invoice making.

Calculator also has150 steps check to review your inputs and also F-CUT keys to control calculator digits display after decimal points. Calculator groups number basis on Indian Comma marker to make it easy to read numbers in Lakhs and Crores. An ideal Calculator for every trader and retailer – Casio MJ-12 GST.

  1. Two-way power (Solar + Battery)

    Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.

  2. Indian Comma Marker

    Displays numbers in group of Lakh and Crore for easy reading

  3. F-CUT Key

    For rounding off values and calculating values up to different decimal places

  4. Tax - / GST +

    Toggle key to change mode between Tax-Calculation and GST + Calculation (For Invoicing).

  5. 5 GST/Tax Slab Key

    Single key operation to calculate tax slab wise basic value, tax value & gross value

  6. GST GT Key

    Key to calculate total invoice basic value, tax value & gross value

150 Step Check
Review your input up to 150 steps
No of Digits
12-Digit Operation
Regular percent
Regular percentage calculations.
Square Root Key
Dedicated Key to calculate Square root of a number.
All the mark-up capabilities of an adding machine for simplified cost and profit calculations.
Key rollover
Key operations are stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input.

Application (GST KEYS)

A retailer sells the following material. What is Total Net Value (Base Value), Total GST, and Total Gross Value of the Bill?
Product Name Product A Product B Product C
Quantity 5 3 2
Rate 1200 2300 1500
GST Rate 5% 18% 5%
Key Strokes Screen output
Turn On the Calculator and hit [AC] 0
Check the Display and make sure it is in GST+ Mode. If it says, Tax -, Press [TAX-/GST+] Key to bring it in GST+ Mode 0
Press [1200 X 5 ] [GST +1] 6,300
Press [2300 X 3 ] [GST+3] 8,142
Press [1500 X 2] [GST+1] 3,150
Press [GST GT] (For Total Invoice Value) 17,592
Press [GST GT] (For Total taxable Value) 15,990
Press [GST GT] (For Total GST) 1,692
To find out Gross Value of all products billed @ 5% - Press [GST +1] 9,450
To Find out Net (Base) Value of all products billed @ 5% - Press [GST +1] again 9,000
To Find out GST Value of all products billed @ 5% - Press [GST +1] again 450

MU (Mark up)

This function is used by merchants to mark the price of the commodity. If you want to mark pricing for an article- ensuring certain % margin − use MU key. This key is also used to calculate some reverse calculation.


Application (MU)

If cost price of an arcle is Rs 800 and seller wants a margin of 20% over selling price. What should be the selling price?
Key Strokes Screen output
Turn On the Calculator and hit [ AC ] 0
Press [800] [MU] [20] [%] This gives marked up price. 1000
Press [=] This gives Profit 200

Application (GST GT)

If a grocery store sales the following item on given rate, what is the total amount he should collect?
SUGAR 5 kg 42
RICE 3 kg 60
PULSE 4 kg 70
MILK 2 kg 32
Key Strokes Screen output
Turn On the Calculator and hit [ AC ] 0
Press [5] [X] [42] [=] 210
Press [3] [X] [60] [=] 180
Press [4] [X] [70] [=] 280
Press [2] [X] [32] [=] 64
Press [GST GT] 734

Repeat Calculation

Multiply 100 by 1.1 and then multiply the result by 1.1, and continue to do so.
Key Strokes Screen output
Turn On the Calculator and hit [ AC ] 0
Press [1.1][x][x] This will make Calculator remember 1.1X as a constant and operate on this. 1.1
Press [100] [=] 110
Press [=] 121
Press [=] 133.10
And so on.  


Memory function help you to do calculation in parts, and wants to save result of previous calculation for later use. There are three keys for this [M+], [M-] and [MRC]
Key Function
[M+] Adds the displayed values into memory
[M-] Subtracts the displayed value from memory
[MRC] Displays the net memory; Reset the memory


If a shopkeeper gets 17 notes of Rs 50, and 9 notes of Rs 20, what is the total amount he received?
Key Strokes Screen output
Turn On the Calculator and hit [MRC] twice 0
Press [17] [X] [50] [=] 850
Hit [ M+ ] to add the result in memory 850
Press [9] [X] [20] [=] 180
Hit [ M+ ] to add in memory 180
Hit [MRC] for result 1030
Note: Hitting [MRC] once again would clear the memory!  

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